We support people of trans identity, her/his/their-story, and experience!


Tired of being misgendered?


Looking for support around your intersex identity?


Want to discuss your gender identity?


Wrestling with your religion and transgender identity?


Jewish and trans? 


Thinking about gender confirmation surgery?


Want hormones? (If you are over 18, and don't want to therapy, only hormones, you don't need our help! Instead, you can make an appointment at your local clinic for assistance. Clinics available include Family Health and Vista Community Health Care. Yay! )


Are you a parent and need help understanding your young adult's non-binary identity? 


Think you need a letter? Please click here for more information about letter writing.


Are you a therapist interested in learning how to write a letter in support of your trans client? Please click here for information about consultation services with Dr. Weissman.


We are so glad you found Waves!


All Waves' Clinicians are trans-affirming, have training in working with trans individuals and all Waves' clinicians are WILLING & ABLE to write letters in support of their transgender-identified clients. 




Click HERE to set up an appointment with a Waves' clinician today and start feeling heard and/or seen right now.