You struggle with your identities.

Is this really who you are? How can you live in your world, with your family and your friends, practice your religion, and really be who you feel yourself to be?


You desperately want to be understood but no one around you seems to believe you when you tell them who you are.


Maybe your loved ones have dismissed your identity, rejected it, or made fun of it and yet, here you are, still trying to make sense of the world and yourself while feeling disconnected from those you thought knew you best.


You want more than anything to be seen and loved and respected for who you are, not for what people expect you to be.


At Waves, we care about helping you feel heard. Seen. Known. Accepted. 


Working with a therapist at Waves means having a place to have all your feelings. Yes, all those pesky feelings are welcomed here. We will help create an environment for you to learn about yourself and work towards a happier and more authentic sense of who YOU are and what YOU want in your life.


You've come to the right place and we are so happy that you are here. 


We provide individualized care to assist you in reaching your goals. 


We are psychologists, therapists, and mental health clinicians who are woman-friendly and queer, lesbian, bisexual, gay, and trans affirming; we are BDSM and Kink - Aware and Polyamorous – knowledgeable.




While each therapist at Waves prioritizes LGBTQIQAP - affirming mental health care, we each have additional specialties too. (We’re fun like that.) 

Our therapists include:

Now that you know a bit about us, we would love to learn more about you and how we can best support you.


Please set up your first appointment with a Waves’ clinician by pressing the button below or by emailing us at to begin working towards the life you want today!





Please click below to schedule an intake for LGBTQIQAP - affirming individual, group, and relationship therapy with Dr. Camilla Williams (pictured above sharing a laugh); Dr. Abi Weissman, or Dr. Sarah Jacobs-Paul



We offer Consultation services, where we help mental health therapists and businesses. In working with clinicians, we help deepen their clinical knowledge in regards to a particular issue, such as transgender mental health, Jewish queer cultural competence, deaf culture, or in feeling stuck in working with a particular client. In working with businesses, we assist in enhancing workplaces to be more LGBTQIQAP-affirming. Consultation group starting for Clinicians with ADHD starts in April 2018. Contact Waves to schedule your consultation appointment today.



Clinicians at Waves also provide Trainings for you and your staff. Up above in that picture there, is our Founder, Dr. Abi Weissman, presenting on a conference panel on how to find Trans Affirming mental health care. We can design a personalized training for your clinical or administrative staff. We help executive and administrative teams create LGBT-friendly workplaces too!  Click below to schedule your training with Dr. Abi Weissman and the Waves' Team.