You finally got diagnosed properly with ADHD.

You thought the diagnosis would change things. You would poof, get to everything on time and that you’d feel good to have a diagnosis that would explain things.

You are still struggling emotionally. You blame your ADHD and sometimes blame yourself for not finding your keys, your wallet, your phone or for being late. You are trying so hard to make things work for your job, your school, your relationships. Instead, you feel like you disappoint everyone especially your boss, your partner(s), your friends, your family, and even yourself.

You know now that your brain works differently than how some other brains function in terms of time and organization. Emotionally though, you have yet to work through what this means for your life and your sense of self. Talking to a therapist about your emotional journey with ADHD can really help ease your transition into feeling like life is manageable, if not fantastic. Working with a Waves Psychologist can help you feel supported and encouraged to be your full and wonderful self, ADHD and all.

Dr. Abigail Weissman has special insight into the world of ADHD, having been diagnosed ADHD herself during her graduate school career. Hear Dr. Weissman as she comes out on a popular ADHD podcast during Pride Month.

Coming out ADHD and queer

By Abigail Weissman, Psy.D.

In order to make the therapy space comfortable for you, each office is equipped with fidgets for your use. Current items include therapeutic clay and Boinks Marbles Fidgets.

Working with Dr. Camilla Williams or Dr. Abigail Weissman, means having a place that honors where you are in living with ADHD.

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