It’s hard to be a social justice activist.

It’s difficult path. It’s hard to take a break and take care of yourself because you taking a break means not fighting for the rights of another. You are determined to keep fighting for justice, fighting the good fight, until you’ve won and the world is made right again.

And you are tired. You are so tired. You can’t believe it’s gotten this bad, this racist, this hard to exist in the world today. It’s always been bad. And sometimes it feels like you are at the time right before the Holocaust began. And you want to help change our course before this horror continues.

You feel overwhelmed by all the places you want to help. Your schedule is busting at the seams with meetings to attend and rallies to plan and people to meet and you are still, not quite feeling that you are doing enough to right the wrongs of the world. You see the suffering in others and you want to help. You support the rights of immigrants, women, and animals. You fight against the patriarchy, white supremacy, racism, antisemitism, and violence. You see the need to rally, to get people together, to support each other. Maybe you have been an activist since the 60s (or before) or perhaps, your work has begun in the last few years. You feel dedicated to support, collaborate, and make a difference.

You want to rest. You have to rest. You don’t know if you can keep up this schedule and remain hopeful. You want to feel good and play in the sunshine and yet, you feel guilty for wanting to enjoy a walk or a ride when you know that others are suffering. You need help but you are not sure you want to admit to yourself that you are burning out.

Here you are on a therapist’s website, hoping to find some relief. This is where we at Waves, A Psychological Corporation come in. Working with Dr. Abigail Weissman or Dr. Camilla Williams means working with a clinician who will talk about power and privilege both in the room and outside in the world. We both value advocacy and activism. We will support you in figuring out together what kind of activism and life balance is right for you based on your own value system.

Make an appointment with Dr. Camilla Williams or Dr. Abigail Weissman today to get started feeling more at ease with the decisions you need to make – for you and for the world.