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Scheduling Information


Phone: 619-403-5578

Main email: office@wavespsych.com

We try and check email and phone at least once a day. Since we are seeing clients throughout the day, we don’t have a lot of time to attend to the phone and email so please know that we are doing our very best to get back to you in a timely fashion.

The absolute BEST way to set up an appointment with one of us is to click on the orange and white “Schedule Now” button. This way you can see our availability for the next several weeks and request to reserve your spot to meet with us for your very first appointment.

When you reserve your spot, we get a pop up on our Electronic Health Record’s calendar letting us know what time/date works for you. We then call and/or email you. We want to connect with you. We will ask you these and other similar questions:

-What are you hoping to talk about with us?

-How did you find out about us?

-Are you hoping to pay using your insurance benefits or not so much?

-We have some office policies for everyone’s safety and comfort. Do you agree to follow them?

-Our policies include such things as:

please no animal pets in the office,

limited, if any, scents or perfumes

please no guns or weapons of any kind,

please no food in the office, & we will charge your credit card a

full session fee if you do not show for your appointment

or cancel with fewer than 24 hours notice.

We care about your well-being even through we haven’t yet met in person.

-We will ask about your current thoughts of harming or killing yourself. We want you to be honest. If we feel that you need more care than we can provide, we will provide some names and webpages, email addresses, or phone numbers of people or organization who might better meet your current needs.

-If we think that your needs are better met by someone else, we will tell you. We want you to get the best care possible and if we don’t think it’s with us, we will tell you what kind of provider would be a better fit and/or give you names of providers who might be able to meet your need.

-We do our best to provide referrals but we are not responsible for their actions or inaction. Only they are.

-We’ll ask you if you have any questions of us. Please ask us what you want to know. If you ask a question and we don’t feel comfy answering, we’ll let ya know and then, you can decide if that’s a-ok with you to not know.

Some common questions that I encourage all potential clients to ask of their providers are: in progress


Main Poway Office (Dr. Abi Weissman & Dr. Camilla Williams, by appointment on weekdays)

15525 Pomerado Road, C5
Poway, CA, 92064
United States


Hillcrest Office (Dr. Abi Weissman by appointment on Wednesdays)


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