Happy Fall 2018 - updates, resources, and even a DISCOUNT

Happy Fall 2018, A Blog Post by Dr. Abigail Weissman

Happy Fall 2018, A Blog Post by Dr. Abigail Weissman

Happy Fall!

Wait, is it fall in San Diego?

How can we tell?

To me, as a kid growing up in the northeastern part of the US of A, fall meant back to school time, air getting crisp and colder, days getting shorter, and leaves turning colors. Here in San Diego, people are slowly going back to school or University but the trees are still either a rich green color or a dry dusty brown and strangely, the air seems to grow warmer during this time of year.

It’s taken me years to switch my thought that apples are ready to be picked in September, if not October, to learning that apples in San Diego County are picked in August when the sun still shines brightly and the air is anything but cold. But still, it’s almost fall here. The High Holidays are right around the corner and the rest of the country, it seems, is gearing up for the onslaught of winter. Waves and me, myself, and I are gearing up for some changes that I wanted to share with you.

Happy Jewish New Years to those who celebrate!

Happy Jewish New Years to those who celebrate!


First of all, I will be taking off a few days in September to celebrate and honor the Jewish High Holidays: Rosh Hashanah (Monday, Sept 10th) and Yom Kippur (the afternoon and evening of Sept 18th and all of September 19th).

Then, there is Sukkot and I will be planning out my days so that I can have dinner in our Sukkah. For more information about Sukkot, one of my favorite Jewish holidays, please see the Reform version of the holiday at https://reformjudaism.org/jewish-holidays/sukkot .

I love looking at some rituals for Sukkot. They are all so meaningful yet different from each other. I am a fan of Toni Avery’s explanation of the holiday and the crafts and recipes she offers at https://toriavey.com/what-is-sukkot/ . I find it a really special time to gather with loved ones, welcome in ancestors in memory and in spirit, and spend time in nature. It’s been so meaningful the past to look out and see nature changing all around me as we enjoy meals together in our temporary building.   


And if that wasn't enough stuff going on, lest you thought I wasn't working hard enough, I will be embarking on a new learning journey, in perinatal mental health.


Waves Corp. has already joined the Postpartum Health Alliance of San Diego at an organization level. Here is our listing: https://postpartumhealthalliance.org/directory/wavespsych/ They are a great “non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about perinatal mood and anxiety symptoms and disorders and providing support and treatment referrals to women and their families.” (from the Mission Statement at https://postpartumhealthalliance.org/about/ )


RESOURCE: Please check out Postpartum Health Alliance's warm line (where you call and leave a message and someone will call you back with resources) and other super cool sources of support at https://postpartumhealthalliance.org/


I begin a course on perinatal mental health in early September! It’s an online course and I’m really excited about it. Maternal Mental Health Certificate Training for Mental Health and Clinical Professionals Hosted by PSI (Postpartum Support International) and the 2020 Mom Project. Here’s some more information about the course: https://postpartum.z2systems.com/np/clients/postpartum/event.jsp?event=7& and the agenda at https://postpartum.z2systems.com/neon/resource/postpartum/files/FLIER-MMH%20Training%20updated_%20Sept%20-%20Dec%202018(1).pdf I’m registering with others from the Postpartum Health Alliance. I’m really excited to learn more about the health of mothers and parents and I love that I can watch the videos on my own time.



Being a mom has certainly been a journey so far, one that I’ve loved, although it is really hard at times. And when I say hard, I mean, incredibly difficult.

But being a queer person in San Diego county going through this journey as the non-gestational mom can be especially challenging. I was often the only female partner of a gestational mother in classes and tried hard to get used to hanging with the guys/dads-to-be. No one came out to me as anything other than confused when I looked around the room and asked if anyone was some form of LGBTQIQAP. 

I missed the queerness of being in the Bay Area and feeling like there were more queer moms around. I found them online and I’ve been a part of many online communities since. And, almost 9.5 months into being a parent, I am ready to give back to my local community. I am queer and I want others to know that queer psychologists are around to lend support.



We have also updated the website to indicate two more of Dr. Camilla’s specialties, grief and loss https://www.wavespsych.com/grief-and-loss/ , and providing deaf cultural and language - affirming therapy https://www.wavespsych.com/deaf-cultural-and-language-affirming-therapy/ Please check out the links and let us know what you think!



We, at Waves, have also hired a part-time Director of Operations, Melissa James, Ph.D. (Pronouns: she, her, hers). She will be working behind the scenes to help us run an even smoother organizational flow (woah, I felt so business-y there using words like “organizational” and “flow.”) Please feel free to get to know a bit more about her fabulousness at https://www.wavespsych.com/dr-melissa-james/ . Again she is not a psychologist but she is part of our team. Yay Dr. Melissa!


Phew, I felt tired writing down all the goings on at Waves! At least, now you know what's up in September for us at Waves. Now onto October!



brings some exciting opportunities. During the first end of the week/weekend of October, I (Dr. Abi) will be off to Los Angeles to participate in Therapy Reimagined conference . My section is part of the 2:15 PM presentation called, “A Series of Psychotherapy Survival Tips: The Theory of the Therapist”

Can you find me? I'm in the middle under the "G" in Therapy ReimaGined! I'm so honored and thrilled to be speaking!

Can you find me? I'm in the middle under the "G" in Therapy ReimaGined! I'm so honored and thrilled to be speaking!

I’m a “Thought Bubble” speaker on “Bringing Your Queer Self into the Room” and I’ll be part of the presentation with one of my favorite people, Mercedes Samudio, who is an advocate for shame-free parenting and whose podcast I was on in 2017 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6En8GsOFBm0&t=997s ). I’m thrilled to be a part of the conference and look forward to meeting the other panelists and seeing wonderful movers and shakers in the therapy world, at least the world I have seen online. I would love you to be there. Here is a $20 DISCOUNT for the conference itself.   Your promo code is SPKR. The conference webpage is right here.  



Also, I will be away from the office during the week of October 15th. I will be back to the office on Monday, October 22nd. I'm looking forward to practice self care by taking time off. Camilla will be woman-ing the phones and emails and I will be available in case of an emergency, but besides that, I will be away from the office, getting some good solid rest in and hopefully jumping in some big ol' piles of leaves.


Other exciting things include that the TEXTBOOK I submitted a blurb for is now in press! 


The Living Out Loud textbook is now available to purchase! So cool!!!


It officially comes out in 2019 but is available to order through Routledge right now at



I have a text blurb in it about how to find an LGBT-affirming therapist.

The code for the 20% discount is  FLR40 at checkout.

Please let your academic institution know about this wonderful book. It will come in many formats and the electronic version of the book should be available when the book is published.

Living Out Loud textbook where I've got a paragraph or two inside. Look for me please and recommend the book to all the librarians and scholars you know, okay?

Living Out Loud textbook where I've got a paragraph or two inside. Look for me please and recommend the book to all the librarians and scholars you know, okay?


Sometime in the future


And, I am looking for an office in East County. I have dreams of cutting down my commute time and being closer to my family as my little one grows up. She'll be a year old this fall!

I am hoping to slowly transition to spend more time in East County and less time in the Poway area. Dr. Camilla Williams will stay in Poway and continue to practice out of the Poway office.

When our lease ends in about a year, we will hopefully move to a smaller office in the Poway area for primarily Dr. Camilla to see clients, whereas, I will transition to seeing clients on one day a week in the Poway area and spend the other workdays in East County, hopefully in La Mesa. I have created a poll to help me figure out what are the most important attributes of a new office for my clients and clients to be. Please fill out the poll here and let me know what should be my priorities in my new space. 


And that is the fall, in a nutshell, at least, as we have planned it out to be. I’m sure things will change along the way, as they always do, but so far, this is where we are at. I do look forward to hearing about your fall, what you’ve got planned, what you are most nervous about and what excites you the most?


As always, this blog post does not constitute a therapeutic relationship with anyone reading it. It provides general information. For specific advice on your particular situation, please see a licensed professional.

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