The Weird World of Therapy - First Steps

Dr. Camilla Williams and I (Dr. Abi) were talking about how odd therapy can feel and how she presents the weirdness of therapy to her clients. She lets clients know that she gets the wonkyness (is that a word?) of the first session. I liked her answer so much that I videotaped it with her permission. I like how Dr. Camilla is comforting and supportive while stating what is kinda unequal: when a new client comes in, the clinician has prior knowledge about them from the paperwork they filled out where as the client knows only the basics about the clinician who sits before them. 


I appreciate how Dr. Camilla puts people at ease even when they are discussing tough topics. As her employer, I am super grateful for the warmth that Dr. Camilla exudes and I am so thankful that she continues to work for Waves in our Poway office. 

I offer this video so that you can get a glimpse into how it feels to sit across from Dr. Camilla at our Poway office. To set up an appointment with her, please contact her through our contact form or, if you are more of a phone person, please call us at (619) 403-5578 and the office (aka me, Dr. Abi) will help connect you to Dr. Camilla herself. 


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