5 Ways to Care for Yourself During the Supreme Court Hearing and Afterwards

5 Ways to Care for Yourself During the Supreme Court Hearing and Afterwards   by Camilla Williams, Ph.D.

5 Ways to Care for Yourself During the Supreme Court Hearing and Afterwards

by Camilla Williams, Ph.D.

If you’ve turned on your television, looked at social media, or listened to the radio over the past week or so, you probably haven’t been able to escape the most recent round of conversations about sexual assault. You may have worn black on Monday in support of Dr. Blasey Ford, you have likely seen, if not participated in, the #Ibelieve or “WhyIdidn’ttell hashtags. You may be feeling energized, angry, sad, and/or overwhelmed as you are bombarded by the statements and questions that are being repeated around you.

Everyone needs to CHOOSE the way they will interact with the media around them.

For myself, I have decided to respond to the heartfelt conversation starters, ignore the quick memes (possibly liking them but not sharing them), and limit what I have to say because I don’t want to accidentally cause pain to people in my life.

Instead, I have offered (and offer below) cat pictures for people who need a brief distraction or reminder that there is good, soft, and fluffy in the world.

Pictures of Cats and Dr. Camilla Williams

Pictures of Cats and Dr. Camilla Williams

You might take a different approach.

As you’re navigating the complicated feelings and balancing your desire to be supportive with your need to keep breathing and moving through your day, it felt like a good time to share this blog post again.

Please click the link below and learn 5 ways to take care of yourself during this time and always.

5 Ways to Take Care of Yourself During the #MeToo Campaign by Dr. Camilla Williams

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Thanks for reading my blog post!

Thanks for reading my blog post!


Camilla Williams, Ph.D.

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