Queer & Trans - affirming therapy

We can't wait to support you!

  • Struggling to figure out your gender identity and/or sexual orientation and how it all fits into the rest of your life?

  • Want a therapist who understands that your gender and sexuality is part of your life but not a problem? 

  • Some people are terrified they will be kicked out of the house or place of worship for being themselves and telling their loved ones that they are questioning these identities.

  • Others are struggling with something else in their lives and want a therapist who gets that you consist of your sexual orientation and/or gender identity and all the other parts of yourself too.

The clinicians at Waves, A Psychological Corporation are LGBTQIQAP - affirming.

We are psychologists who feel that one can be queer and trans and be stressed out, worried, feel sad, or experience another mental health concern. We want to support you and assist in you surviving through the times in one’s life when you struggle with your reactions to life.

Waves’ clinicians also celebrate the wins in our clients’ lives. We point out the moments of success and revel in our clients’ growth. We assist clients in noticing their strength and resiliency.

One don’t have to switch their pronouns or their partners’ pronouns when speaking with a Waves clinician.

One doesn’t have to hide one’s queerness at Waves.

We won’t judge one’s queerness either.

We accept a person for who they are.

We honor one’s gender presentation(s).

We recognize that there are many ways to be queer and no one path is right for everyone.

We recognize that there are many ways to be trans. There is no one way to transition. One does not have to transition to be transgender.

We want you to feel comfortable being your full queer and/or trans self at our practice.

In our main office, we have designed the space to be an LGBTQIQAP - affirming environment. We have feminist and queer magazines in our waiting room. We have trans and activist children’s books in our waiting room. We have joined the Equality (San Diego’s LGBT) business association and proudly display its logo in our waiting room. We have an all gender bathroom for the comfort and safety of our clients and clinicians. We post a sign in our office talking about why we have an all gender bathroom. We have a rainbow Mezuzah on our doorpost of our office showing our founder, Dr. Abigail Weissman’s queer Jewish connection. We have one office filled with rainbow and trans pride flags. At last count, we had seven rainbow flags in that offices.




Lesbian, gay, bisexualtransgender, queer, intersex, questioning, and pansexual - affirmative therapy with a therapist at Waves can offer a warm, comfortable and supportive space to explore and understand yourself and what makes one feel like their best and happiest self.