You use all these terms I've never heard of. What does intersex mean?

For a list of some commonly used terms, please see our definitions page here. If you have additional questions about terms, please let us know at 

What is a California Psych Assistant anyways?

Psychology assistants:

  • Are unlicensed therapists 
  • Have completed a lengthy application to the California Board of Psychology
    • including clearance from the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 
  • Have at least a master’s degree in psychology
  • Supervised by a licensed psychologist to provide the best care possible to clients.

Why see a Psych Assistant?

Working with a psychology assistant is great because clients have access to fabulous care at a lower fee. Dr. Sarah charges $125 a session! A client can get access to the knowledge and skillset of two clinicians, the highly skilled therapist employed as a psychology assistant (here at Waves, that's Dr. Sarah) and the licensed psychologist who supervises her (that’s Dr. Abi). 

What are your fees? Do you take insurance?

That is a great question. Please click here for more information.

Where are the team members of Waves? Do all y'all have a calendar of events I can check out? 

Yes, we do. Please click below to learn more about our events.