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Student, Working with LGBTQ+ Muslims training

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in the making!

I can always learn more and I’m excited to work towards being the best ally I can be for LGBTQ+ Muslims.

I can’t wait to learn more about how to be a better ally to LGBTQ+ Muslims. I can only make it for the first hour but I’m excited to get whatever I can digest in that time. Yay for learning!!

About the training

Working with LGBTQ+ Muslims: Unlearning Unconscious Islamophobia and Building Skills for Relational Healing

A workshop and learning lab, offered in Oakland on Wednesday Jan. 16 from 12-2pm PST,

and Online on Wednesday Jan. 23 from 2pm-3:30pm PST.

This lab is offered for psychotherapists (LCSW, LMFT, Psychologist, Interns) to explore the ways islamophobia may be unconsciously informing your views of working and allying with LGBQT+ Muslims. We will learn frameworks, examine cases, and discuss ways to ally through relational healing.

About the facilitator:

Shenaaz Janmohamed is a queer femme mama who is a licensed psychotherapist, cultural worker and healing practitioner of Muslim South Asian ascent based in Oakland CA. Her family of origin are people who faced migration due to colonialism and capitalism, calling Kachchh, Dar Es Salaam, Karachi and parts of SWANA, home. Shenaaz's work is deeply shaped by social justice values, queer liberation, and a Buddhist spiritual practice. In 2017 she founded Queer Crescent Healing, a community healing arts nonprofit to support LGBTQIA+ Muslims and started the queer and trans Muslim Support Group. Shenaaz is also a founding collective member of Totally Radical Muslims who self-published three zines between 2012-2015 which lifted up stories and art from queer, trans, incarcerated and leftist Muslims. Shenaaz holds trauma, hurt and harm as causes and conditions of systems of oppression, and works with folks to move through and heal from - ancestral, interpersonal, familial, community, organizational, systemic and collective - wounding.

Sliding scale $55-20, per participant. For more information and to register, please visit: and email any questions to