About Dr. Sarah Jacobs-Paul

It’s no coincidence that you’ve found yourself on this website. You’ve come to the right place if you’re:


*Trans and needing a letter for surgery

*Having trouble focusing and quieting your mind

*Crying for no reason

*Feeling unhappy in your relationship

*Scouring the shelves of the self-help section of your local bookstore

*Scared to come out to your bio family

*Frustrated and devalued for being a Millennial


Maybe you have tried talking to a friend or a family member, but they can’t truly get what you are going through. This is where I come in.


My name is Dr. Sarah Jacobs-Paul.


I’m a healer and native Californian at my core. I’ve wanted to help others my entire life…(well, except for maybe that year when I was seven and I dreamed of being a ballerina!) I enjoy nerding out with board games, baking, watching historical dramas, and going to the beach with my husband and two dogs.


I'm also a registered psychological assistant for Dr. Abi Weissman. I offer individual, couple, and family therapy services under Dr. Abi’s psychologist's license while finishing up my requirements for my own license. I have finished my doctorate in Clinical Psychology and all of my hours needed for licensure. 


Whether you’re a young professional unsure of what direction to take in your career, a student experiencing the daunting choice of picking a major, or you’ve gone through a break up (again), I am here.


We will work together to clarify your goals. Talking with me is different than talking with a friend or loved one. Let's connect the past and present and work toward your ideal future. 


I know from first hand experience that picking up the phone to ask about therapy can be challenging. Please contact me at 619-403-5578 or through e-mail at drsarah@doctorabi.com to get started. I am currently accepting new clients for Wednesday evenings.